Our little adventure – Visiting classes in Finland


Our Little Adventure

Once upon a time, in a classroom far far away, there was a maths

class of second graders who were learning about snakes. One day,

a group of foreigners came to the maths class to observe what was

going on. Suddenly, two of the children sat on the floor with some

cushions to do some math. The foreigners were amazed! They

wanted to experience this technique as they thought it might

improve their math grades so they sat on the floor as well. It turns

out the technique didn’t work and the foreigners ended up

complaining about Donald Trump; this was actually very useful as it

meant they got to know each other. After this discussion, the

teacher held aloft a mighty bell with which she summoned the

children to lunch. The foreigners retreated to the IT room and

everyone lived happily ever after.

Ye olde inventory of foreigners:

 Edmund the brit¨

 Midea the swede

 Angela the Spaniard

 Michela the Italian

 Agatha the pole



First we visited a 6th grade art class. Here, they were making a fish out of Papier-mâché and inside the fish was a balloon to create the round shape. Then they were covering the balloon with newspaper and glue to make it more stable. They then cut out fins out of card and attached this to the balloon to give the fish-like features.

After this, we went to a 9th grade maths class. They were learning about trigonometry, which is where you have to use special formulas to calculate sides and angles of a triangle. They were all concentrating very hard.

Next we visited a 7th grade home economics class. The lesson was almost over and they were evaluating what they had just done, but overall in home economics they study how to cook, iron and wash clothes. The classroom was very well equipped and it looked like a lot of fun!

Finally we went to a 6th grade music class where they were each making up their own raps with different musical instruments. It looked like they were enjoying themselves, experimenting with instruments, trying to make a tune.

Art class, picture by Alice Crofts