Luna e Miriana

Luna , Miriana and Siria .Our visit to Ely was Great!


Miriana Casaccia from Italy


Last year I went to England for the Erasmus Project and I had the opportunity to meet people with different cultures and traditions. During that week we worked on the brochure and we were divided in groups; in each group there were students from different countries so the only language in which we could communicate was English. We had to write many ideas for the brochure and to each group was assigned the task to analyze the course that we had previously done.So we prepared a presentation on positive and negative aspects of each course and, finally, we commented it all together. We also had the opportunity to visit the King’s school and we could see the differences with our school. Obviously we spoke of our cultures and traditions; for example one morning one student had to write a proverb of his country and then another student had to translate it in his own language. It was a great experience because it allowed me to improve my english language and to learn more things in a funny way.

Miriana Casaccia



Luna De Bonis from Italy


Last year I went to Ely, in England, for the Erasmus project. As we arrived we started to work on the platform . We had to give feedback of the courses, highlighting the positive and negative aspects of the lessons uploaded online. The major aim of the trip was to organize a brochure, through which all the students could find out what the project was like and decide whether to take part in it. Simultaneously we participated to some group activities in order to get to know each other, so that we could share our traditions and blend them into one big mixed community. This experience had been an amazing opportunity to share ideas and to compare our cultures and our school systems in order to improve our conditions by taking the best from each other. Another important and fundamental aspect was, of course, the use of English which had been indispensable to communicate.