Lorenzo Ferrante ,Spain

Lorenzo Brandalise from Pescara ,


The meeting in Burgos within the Erasmus+ Project may be considered a valuable and fruitful occasion. This can be said first of all because of its educational value in the strict sense: the students have been engaged in some courses on the MOOS platform which have given them the opportunity to test their skills towards a mutual sharing of knowledge, cultures and customs which makes up the funding nucleus of the modern concept of Europe; moreover, the courses have represented unparalleled occasions to develop new learning methods, displaying new topics in a multimedia way, and therefore allowing the students to become aware of the advantages and the disadvantages of these new devices, not only theoretically but in action. The value of these activities also emerges extra-educationally speaking, as regards the interactions among the students, each of whom, in spite of having different attitudes and habits, has benefitted from  them: coming into contact with different lifestyles and contexts different always demands a constant calling into question of one’s self and perspectives, through which ,not only new interesting aspects can be received but it is also possible to get a deeper awareness of one’s own identity. Finally, this experience has been precious both as regards culture and knowledge and for the students’ personal and social maturation.


Lorenzo Brandalise from Italy