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Exploring participating countries

Creative classroom in action!

The day began in Puolimatka-school cafeteria, where principal Lasse Luostarinmäki welcomed everyone: We went through the Monday’s agenda, heard a little song by school’s 9th graders (those 15-16 years old), learnt some basics in Finnish (omena, päärynä, appelsiini, banaani = hedelmäsalaatti e.g. fruits, numbers, greetings).

Then we had a coffee break to meet other teachers to exchange and make new connections. Then we divided the kids into groups and started working on various projects.

First day in Finland was all about knowing each other, working in an international group and finding out facts about participating countries. It was a sort of a “warm-up” day for the week.

In each group there was one participant from each country.

Here are the results:


Italy by Alice, Viktoria, Camilla, Natalia M., Ariadna, Andreas, Aliina and Sini L.



Spain by Mimi, Jean, Giulia, Kornelia, Laura and Burak.


Featured picture by Veera Lehtonen