Michela Iezzi

Helsinki, Finland the best experience of my life.



With the Erasmus project I went to Finland, a country that has always fascinated me, in fact all the places I visited have left me speechless. I loved Helsinki, it’s a very clean city. Everything enchanted me: the traditions, the landscapes, the school system, which is completely different from the Italian one. My favorite dish was the mokkapalat, I really loved it! I think this has been one of the most beautiful and  most important experiences I have had so far in my life , in fact, for me it was the first time abroad alone and I must admit that initially I was afraid. It was an unfounded fear, since I had a great time with the host family,  in fact I keep in touch with the host girl today. Thanks to this project I had to bring out the best part of myself. It is an experience that I would repeat again a thousand times.

Michela Iezzi from Italy