Chocolate factory and other experiences

Hello there!

How are you? I am in Finland now. It is cold but sometimes sunny too. I stay in Riia`s house. She is very nice and friendly. She has black cat and dog. They are so cute. In Finland is delicious food. Other than Poland but taste. I improve my English. I take part in great competitions. I met wonderful people and learnt about other culture. In Tuesday I was in Helsinki. It is capital of city. It was marvelous place. I was sightseeing the market. I was also in shopping mall. I bought souvenir for my friends and family. I also was in many factory . For example I was in chocolate factory. I saw how to make chocolate and chocolate bars. I ate delicious sweets. I bought sweets for my family. My dream came truth because when I was a child I always wanted to see chocolate factory. I were sightseeing elevator factory. I saw a lot of lift and learnt more about how to make lift. Me  and my friends spend good time in Finland. It different place as Poland but I like this country. People are very nice and I am happy to see something new. I found out some different in Finland culture. They are different than in Poland . People in Finland are shy a little. They have other type beauty. They are plain and have blond hair. In Poland people are suntan or plain and they have brown or blond hair. People in Finland have own style. They like standing out. They have colorful hairs, tattoo and piercing too. In this country is also colder than in Poland. Outdoors is a lot of snow. Plants and animals are different. They have a lot of trees. In Finland is smaller population density as in Poland. they have other system in school. They have canteen in school . They have also other grade as me. I spent wonderful time in this country. Everybody is friendly to me. I can not wait to heard about you.

Take care


Picture by  Francesca Timperio



Dear penfriend,

My name is Francesca, I am an Italian girl and I am 16 years old. I am in Finland where I am enjoying a beautiful journey; precisely i’m in Hyvinkaa. I will tell you what I have done in this 3 days before now. On monday morning we learned how to say in finnish simple words like hello and so on. I really enjoy this lesson. On monday afternoon we visited the Finnish Railway museum in Hyvinkaa and then we went in the City Hall where there was a presentation of finnish school system. It was really interesting and I discovered that some aspect are different from our Italian school. We went there by foot and I really liked it because in this way we could see the city of Hyvinkaa that is really beautiful. At 16:30 we had 2 hours of freetime and my friends and I went to Villa which is a big shopping centre and we did shopping. On tuesday morning we worked in international groups for 1 hour and then we went to Fazer which is a chocolate factory and we watched some video of how they make chocolate and also of the story of the factory. Then we tasted some chocolate and other products that they make and they were delicious! Then we went by bus to Helsinki and we visited the city and we saw the most important buildings and after that we had freetime where I did shopping and I took a lot of photos of the city with my friends. I really liked the city but i wish i had more time to visit it but I think that I will go there on saturday morning before leaving. On wednesday morning we had to work on the Moos Project and we had to do some courses and then we wrote a feedback of them. After that we had lunch in the canteen and food (which was cooked by students of the 7 th grade) was very good! In the afternoon we went to KoneCranes which is a very famouse factory where are made elevators and there was a presentation of their work. I found this very boring even if this factory is really famous all over the world. When we came back to school we had freetime and I cooked spaghetti with tomato souce for my finnish friend (Aliina and Alisa) they really loved it! At 6 o’clock we went to school where there was a talent show and I acted the “Balcony scene” of Romeo and Juliet with my italian froend Andrea. We won the talent with the spanish girls who danced “bailando”. Then we stayed here and we danced a lot, it was really amazing. Now It’s thursday morning and I’m in class. I hope that I will continue to enjoy this journey.