Siria from Italy


Foto del profilo

The Erasmus Project gave me the opportunity to go to England. Last year a group of students and I went to King’s Ely College (Cambridge) to discuss and work on courses which were uploaded on the platform. On the first day, the teacher of that school presented us the program to be carried out during the week and each country presented its course. In the following days, we were divided into different groups to analyze positive and negative aspects of the courses. When the work was completed, each group explained the pros and cons of them. Moreover, we also worked on the brochure to make the project known to many students. Teachers divided us into groups of two people and each group had to find original ideas to write on it. That experience was formative because I have improved my English by exchanging ideas about the project and knowing people of different countries. The most difficult thing was to relate with all in English, but it was also gratifying to communicate and get to know people of different nations thanks to this language which joined people all over the world.